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((Apple iPhone 6 for Rs. 10,000)) - [Apple iPhone 6 Lowest Price]
[Image: H6VLThj.png]

Apple iPhone 6 for Rs. 10,000, Get Apple iPhone 6 for Rs. 10,000 Lowest Price Online, Apple iPhone 6 for Rs. 10,000 at ebay Independence Day Offer. Apple iPhone 6 for Rs. 10,000 only.

Ebay running Contest for Independence Day Sale on Twitter #1947PricesAreBack. So, now you can get Apple iPhone 6 worth Rs. 49,200 for Rs. 10,000 only

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Loot the Apple iPhone lowest price ever in India.

Source: Ebay India Twitter
Its on installment. Full price is 45K. Is there option like EMI of 5K for 9 months. That's preferable.
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