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Citrus cube cash back offer
Citrus cube is offerring  a cash back of 50 for a recharge value of 100. To get the offer follow the instructions

1. Download the citrus app from here.
2. Now create a account in citrus cube by proving your mobile no. and a email id.
3. You will get account password by citrus cube in your email.
4. Then login to your account and do a recharge of 100 from your debit or credit card. 
5. After successful recharge you would get a cash back of 50 in your citrus account.
6. This offer is valid only for new users.
Good Deal bro... Thanks for sharing with us.  Smile
On the online store, they can definitely get the required product, which is needed in the house. That's why the purchase happened. Now it is easier because we can buy anything from the online store at home.
Very good brother ...... Thanks for sharing with us. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile