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Free Airtel 3G Data | Trick to Get Free Internet on Airtel | 1.2 GB Data Free
Free Airtel 3G Data, Tricks to get Free Internet on Airtel, 3G Data for Free on Airtel, 1.2 GB Data for Free on Airtel.

Trick to get 1.2 gb free internet pack data in airtel

First of all goto airtel’s official page

Enter Mobile Number

Click on Get Link

Check Your AirTel Number for Download Link

Click on Link With Your SmartPhone

Download all 4 Apps : Myairtel app | Wynk Music app | Wynk Movies app | Wynk Games app

Don’t Worry It wont cost you as all these apps are Free

1.2 GB will be credited over 3 months as 100MB Night Data per app per month

Terms and conditions :

The free 1.2 GB offer is available for all Airtel Prepaid subscribers (User) in India starting from 7th January, 2016 (“Offer”).

This offer entitles the Users to get free data up to 1.2 GB, which can be used only at Night (from 12 AM to 6 AM) at the existing speed which the User has subscribed to.

The Offer will be delivered in 100 MB installments each valid for 7 days from the date of credit of such installment

This offer cannot be combined with existing 50% Night Cashback Offer on Airtel Prepaid.

Existing users of all the above apps namely My Airtel app, Wynk Music, Wynk Movies App, Wynk Games app will also be eligible to avail the Offer and can claim the same in accordance with the steps aid down above.
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