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But ultimately, what is the groove? Few people know
is one of the best known, and widely used as facial and body mask in aesthetic clinics and The dreaded stretch marks appear as stripes in the most different parts of the body. At first, they are reddish, and eventually turn white. The best Dermagen IQ   to appear around hips, breasts and buttocks; although men usually have more on the shoulders and back. But ultimately, what is the groove? Few people know that stretch marks are actually injuries caused by excessive stretching of the skin. They usually arise in adolescence, where there is a very rapid growth.Unfortunately stretch marks are much easier to prevent with It help improve your appearance, especially in the reddish or purplish phase, but not to remove completely. In this initial stage, there is a disruption of secondary fibers that support the skin layer and an inflammatory process occurs, which may make them itch and there is vasodilation in place. When stretch marks are white already, it has happened more intense atrophy of the elastic fibers and they no longer have inflammation. People with dark skin or black may have darker streaks.