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Ebay Tricks
First go to Click  Register. Enter your name, email and password. Don't enter mobile number click continue.

[Image: zh02e9k.jpg]

One the next page Don't enter mobile number. click "No. Thanks. Lets go for shopping"

[Image: Bfx07A5.jpg]

Then Go for shopping page select the product page that you want to purchase and Click buy now.

Once you clicked buy now it will ask address and mobile number. Add any dummy address and Mobile number.

[Image: TV7XY4j.jpg]

Here is the tricks how to get dummy phone number.

Go to this url

Click any State and Click unlock

Mobile number will be listed there.

Select any mobile number and enter the mobile number on ebay and click continue

[Image: X7xCsHI.jpg]

On order page Click Change delivery address, there enter your ORIGINAL ADDRESS and your MOBILE NUMBER and click proceed to pay and complete the order.

[Image: eE0TvfZ.jpg]