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Fossil, Armani & Casio. - - Men's Watches at Flat 60% Off Rs.4,390
[Image: 71VF5ReQ--L._UL1500_.jpg]

Invicta Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch-17925 worth Rs.11,072 for Rs.4,390  Flat 60% off

The Invicta 17925 has a 45 millimetres stainless steel case with a silver dial
This model is powered by an accurate Quartz movement
10 bar water pressure resistance
This model is part of the Invicta Specialty collection

Click here to Buy  Invicta Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch

Click here to Buy  Men's Watch
I have two breitling watches, can i sell breitling watch and get that one in replacement. Is that possible or i have to pay the whole amount to get the one.
Before buying any brand watch first check their resale value in the market so that after being used you can sell those watch and get enough cash against it. Also, if you buy watch of good quality you can have loan against watches and get instant cash by using it as a collateral item.
Hey, thanks a lot for the offer. It is really a great deal. I was looking for something like this.  Heart