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Latest News About Freedom 251 Mobile - Updates about Freedom 251 Mobile
[Image: img_freedom251.jpg]

Get all the latest news about Freedom 251 Mobile, Flash News About Freedom 251 Mobile, Freedom 251 Mobile Booking and Sales, Any one Received Freedom 251 Refund Money, When will Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Mobile will deliver. Top 10 Questions & Answers about freedom 251 mobile.

1. How many members can get Freedom 251 Mobile?
Ans: 25 Lakshs members who are registered first will get the mobile on Phase 1

2. How can I know my order is confirmed?
Ans: You will receive the order confirmation email from ringing bells on next week.

3. What are the payment options are available on freedom 251?
Ans: Now we have planned to deliver through Cash on Delivery.

4. I have already paid for Freedom 251 on Launching Date?
Ans: Don't worry you will get your money back. Ringing Bells already started to refund the amount from the 1st of March.

5. When will they deliver the mobile?
Ans: From the date of April 15th they will dispatch the mobile.

6. I have missed to book freedom 251 mobile, now I would like to book the freedom 251 mobile what should I do now?
Ans: First Phase booking has been closed, second phase booking will start from end of April 2016.

7. Received the news stated Ringing Bells Noida Office has been closed?
Ans: We are very much in business, and are not running away. The office was closed yesterday owing to some rental issues. 

8. Is it possible to sell the smart phone for Rs. 251?
Ans: The price that works out per device is roughly around Rs 1,500. Economies of scale gets it down to around Rs 1,200, and thereafter an online sales model cuts down marketing and sales expenses, giving us further savings.And to this we will add marketing piggybacks from companies whose applications we load on the devices. We will get Rs. 31 profit on each mobile sales.

Latest Update: Freedom 251 Mobile website has been suspended and facebook page has been removed, but the MD Mohit Goel said its temporary down and we will back soon with updated news.