[Pantry Deal Rs. 1] Groceries and Beauty Products Rs. 1 (99% Off)

99% Off Pantry Deal Rs. 1

99% Off Pantry Deal Rs. 1

Great Indian Festival Sale October 24th to 28th October, Buy Groceries and Beauty Products for RS. 1(99% Off) Lowest Price Online.
Pantry Deals available for Metro Cities and Prime Customers can get the product for Rs. 1 + 30 Shipping Charges.

How to Buy Pantry Deals for Rs. 1:-

Buy the following product on for Rs. 1 (valid for today only)

1. Fortune Biryani Special Rice, 200g

2. Cavin’s Milkshake, Vanilla

3. Tata Rock Salt

4. Gulabari Cold Moisturising Cream

5. Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream

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